NUVONIS is a biotech company providing innovative production cell banks as well as technical support for production processes and vaccine strain improvement.
This company is located in Vienna, Austria.


Nuvonis VERO Cell Banks

Providing GMP Master and Working Cell Banks for vaccine development and production to our clients. Fully characterized MCB and WCB banks including tumorigenicity testing at the end of production level (EOP). Our cell banks can be used as growth substrate for a variety of viruses applied in modern vaccine development.

Process Development Services

The NUVONIS team is highly experienced in the development and optimization of up- and downstream vaccine production processes.
We are offering a proprietary and efficient virus purification process for the generation of high purity vaccine bulk drug substance meeting regulatory requirements in terms of host cell DNA and protein limits.



Nuvonis pipeline is focused on Vero suspension cells as well as Avian cell lines for use in vaccine development and high yield production
Selection of high yield Vero cell clones. Providing GMP Cell Banks for future development and commercial vaccine production.
This cell line is currently in development stage.
The Nuvonis Avian Cell Line is currently in development stage.


Our Team

Manfred Reiter

Co-founder, Managing Director

Dr. Manfred Reiter

Joachim Seipelt

Managing Director

Michael Tscheppe

Michael Tscheppe

Co-founder, Managing Director

Michael Tscheppe

Nuvonis Advisory Board



Nuvonis Technologies GmbH | Mariahilfer Stra├če 101/1/21 | 1060 Vienna | Austria