Markus Wolschek



Markus Wolschek holds an Engineering degree in Biochemistry and Biotechnology and a PhD in Biochemistry and Biotechnology from the University of Technology, Vienna. As a PostDoc, he worked on non-viral gene delivery systems and in oncology at the University of Vienna. After that, Dr. Wolschek headed the molecular virology and process development teams at AVIR Greenhills Biotechnology and was later promoted to Vice President, Research & Development, responsible for generating delta-NS1 live attenuated influenza vaccine strains by reverse genetics and the development of the second generation oncolytic influenza viruses. In 2014 he joined BlueSky Vaccines as CSO and has the responsibility for virus generation and process development. Markus authored over thirty peer-reviewed publications in the fields of influenza virology and oncology and is inventor on several patents. As co-founder and board member of Nuvonis he is supporting the team in technology and product development.